“"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."”

The INSYNC Family

Our Mission Statement has become more clear today.

INSYNC is a team of incredible photographers, photojournalists, and cinematographers who understand how temporary every moment it.

As photographers our purpose in life is to preserve history, the moments that we experience are so fleeting, but through our careful lents we will preserve them for generations to come.

Welcome to the INSYNC Family.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan

"Few people in life get to dedicate their full time to their passion. Show up, work, sacrifice, and achieve. Keep hammering. Easy Sucks." - Cam Hanes

Michael Cafaro


Mike has photography in his blood. He has been photographing events for over 25 years. Mike started his path as an assistant for his brother when he was 16 years old, and very quickly became one of NYC's top photographers. Mike opened INSYNC PHOTOGRAPHY 20 years ago, and has photographed over 1000 special events.

Michael Cafaro 2019

James J Clark Jr


James began his journey in portraiture and event photography at 14 years old. Starting during the film days, as an assistant for many of NYC top photographers, James had the chance to learn the basics from the best. He attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to study photography, while photographing events for many NYC studios. After taking time to perfect his craft he wanted to put his own stamp on photography.

Approached with the opportunity to become partners with his first mentor in photography, Mike Cafaro, INSYNC NY PHOTOGRAPHY was founded.

"My Nanny (grandmother) told me that my job is to preserve history, I think about that every time I pick up the camera. I love the idea that people will look back on our images generations from now and be able to relive the special moments we are entrusted to capture." - James Clark

James Clark 2019

John Cafaro


John began his photography career as a teenager working for his father in the wedding and event industry of NYC. Perfecting his skills as a top shooter for many of the top studios in NYC, we are thrilled to have our partnership with John. His unique style, his warmth with every client, and ability to make everyone feel comfortable has made John and his team one of our most requested teams.

Steve Gleyzer


Steve began his photographic journey as an assistant over 10 years ago after graduating college with a degree in education. Steve has worked with many of NYC top photographers, refining his skills over the years. Steve's energy and passion for photographing events is infectious.

Joseph Demino


Joe began his career in photography working as an assistant for INSYNC in 2014, after learning the fundamentals, Joe developed his own unique style building on the concepts he learned over the over the past 6 years. One of Joe's strongest qualities is how easily he forms bonds with our clients, this gives his images a natural feeling of true photojournalism.



Following in his fathers footsteps as a photojournalist, Dooley can't remember a time when he did not have a camera in his hands. Using his skillful lens Dooley captures raw emotion in one of the most unique ways we have ever seen. His career has enabled him to travel to incredible locations, photographing everything from NYC fashion week behind the scenes to Automobile cover shoots in the desert. Dooley is a fantastic member of the INSYNC family.